• sharebro-a person whom one is following and followed by on Google Reader (as formally recognized by a Google Reader founder)

  • sharesphere-an extended and mutually recognized network of sharebros

What follows is an alphabetical list of Reader words and phrases. Please note that any term beginning with # will be found in A Glossary of Hashtags and Abbreviations  and that symbols can be found in A Treasury of Pictograms .

Arkbros-sharebros from Arkansas, USA

babybro-a sharebro who is a parent (or preparing to become a parent) to an infant (See also: parentbro)

-bro- suffix used to denote what kind of sharebro one is. Generally used to specify relationships or interests (e.g., wifebro, cephalobro)

bump- to comment on a thread that has had little recent activity so that it is visible in Comment View again.

cephalobro- a sharebro with an interest in cephalopods

DCbros - sharebros from DC (see also EastCoastbros)

DirtySouthbros - sharebros from the South (see also Arkbros)

EastCoastbros - sharebros from the East Coast (see also DCbros and NYbros)

Good night, sweet prince!- Ironic farewell to someone or something that is ridiculous and/or despicable

h/t- stands for "hat tip". Used to denote the original source of the information. Similar, but not completely analogous to "OP", as seen elsewhere.

husbro- a sharebro's husband, who is usually also a sharebro (See also: wifebro)

magnanimosity - passive aggressively giving ground in an argument in order to make one's opponent seem irrationally invested in the argument

NYbros-sharebros from New York, USA

Paging Dr. X- used to call attention to a share that is thought to be of particular interest to a sharebro who has likely not yet seen it, when the share in question does not originate from the pager, but the pagee is a mutual follower of the pager and the original h/t.

parentbro-a sharebro who is also a parent

R----r-refers to Google Reader, especially with ironic reverence. (See here.)

sharebomb- to share and reshare an item with the express intent of drawing attention to it

sharebra- a female sharebro, usually used in the plural form sharebras to address all women present (See also: sharebroad)

sharebroad- a female sharebro, usually used in the plural form sharebroads to address all women present (See also: sharebra)

troll- as in other internet communities, a person who makes inflammatory comments for the purpose of angering or ridiculing others.

  • Alternately: trolls on Reader can at times be much friendlier, self aware, and sarcastic. As exchanges tend to take place among close friends, trolling could be seen as playing devil's advocate, stating an inflammatory comment in jest, or as instigating meta conversation.

WestCoastbros - bros from California. Or you know, Washington and/or Oregon.

wifebro- a sharebro's wife, who is usually also a sharebro (See also: husbro)